Welcome Our Friends from Down Under

Warning: You may want to quit your current job after reading this!

Do you wish you had a boss that brought you to an exciting city, in a country halfway across the world, to an industry conference where you’ll get to learn from top professionals in the career you’re most passionate about? That’s exactly what Ray Ellis, CEO of Australia-based First National Real Estate did. He brought 35 of his top performers along with him to Chicago this week to experience the REALTORS® Conference & Expo.

In true Aussie fashion, they brought their energy and humor to everything they did, and truly lived this experience up!

Why are they here? We call the international portion of the event a “conference within a conference.” They attended many of the same sessions you did, with the intent of learning new ideas for sales and marketing – but most of all, looking for referrals! Foreigners can not currently buy existing homes in Australia, but the Aussies frequently buy property in the U.S. (primarily California) for a variety of reasons – a residence for students, corporate relocation, investment properties, etc. So they are here to meet YOU – they want to identify like-minded professionals in the United States to exchange business with. If you missed seeing them this week, make sure you stay tuned for next year, as Ray is hoping to bring even more (50-60) agents with him next year. What a boss, am I right?

Many thanks to all our friends from Down Under who made the trip to our city. Unfortunately, we greeted them with more “liquid sunshine” than actual sunshine – but they seemed to enjoy it despite the weather.

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