The Grapevine: Best Exhibitor


QUESTION: Which company was the best exhibitor you saw at the Expo Grand Opening last night and why?

Linda Davis

“Small booth but mighty product – The Fujitsu Scan Snap.”

Alex Ruggieri

“For me it’s not just one vendor that got me excited. What I am juiced about is COMMERCIAL ROW! Every year it gets bigger, better, with more vendors. Thank you NAR for embracing your commercial constituency!!!”

Karlton Utter

“Although I am partial to my own booth, Wells Fargo had quite an impressive set up. Lots of activities, giveaways, and a buzz.”

Jeff Wallack

“RE/MAX was jumping with lots of inquiries and action.”

Maureen Francis

“Totally loved the hotel room surprise delivery from Wells Fargo. After a garlic-infused dinner, the Junior Mints could not have been more timely or appreciated.”


Chris Nichols

“Wells Fargo has the most interactive booth with several fun contests, plus rappers!”

Jacy Riedmann

“I was interested in seeing the Berkshire Hathaway Home Services booth since they are re-branding in my hometown too. It was nice to get a sneak preview of the changes rolling in to our area soon.”

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