Introducing Planwise

Planwise is a calculator that helps your clients make the decision to buy or sell. The simple, inexpensive technology educates clients by helping them visualize their major decisions in minutes. You can integrate the Planwise technology directly into your listings, send it via email, incorporate it in blog posts, or add it to social media. The tool is easy to implement, easy to use, and easy to understand — you can go live in minutes.

Why Planwise? Engagement and user experience are the keys to online success. Good engagement comes from positioning what it is people want and where they need it, which keeps people on your website longer. Stay connected with your clients as they search for property and make other financial decisions across the web. Remain their trusted agent throughout their search.

Your clients are busy and you are busy. Planwise makes it easy for your clients to reach you from within the technology. We connect you to your clients precisely when they need help or assistance. Cloud-based and secure, Planwise is implemented in minutes, and can be deployed to your website or blog, in your email, and out to all your social media channels.

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